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Slowing down

The whole country seems to be settling down this time of year. The tractors are in the sheds and the combines are put away. Farmers are winding down and starting to do the "bookwork" for next year. We have to order seed this time of year and go over our records to see what did well and what didn't. I've already purchased my soybean seed, but still have some corn left to go. Seed averages about $100.00 an acre for me, so at 1100 acres it ends up being a lot of money. This is where the genetics, herbicide ,and GM traits come in and drive the costs up tremendously. Corn is roughly over $300.00 a bag now and it wasn't that long ago it was $50.00. With corn prices below $4.00 it's going to be a lot harder to make things work this next year.

Yet, somehow we'll do it. The land will rest under it's blanket of snow, and we'll sit at our desks planning for next year and catching up on paperwork from this year. Each year is different, yet the schedules remain the same.

Abby is  happy that it's getting colder, since with her thick fur she's comfortable now and sits contentedly in the front yard surveying her domain. The sparrows go in and out of the chicken coop like a super highway, enjoying the water and feed inside, and the deer and other wildlife that are still around are starting to stay in the groves. The lakes have frozen over, so before long some dingbat will try to go out on the ice too soon and put their vehicle through it. Yes, each year is different...and so much the same.

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